Monday, June 28, 2010

Nigeria: On The Road to 50 #7

#7 Comprehending The A Priori Issue. Every time I fold into the sit in my study I take a critical stare at the map of the world that I've placed directly in front of myself. Most of my attention zoom in on Nigeria. Usually I check for several things at a glance: size, distances, resources, etc and compare them with that of other nations both developed and developing. As an economist, I'm specially interested in some other key issues like how our resources is being managed to achieve objectives like poverty eradication, welfare, social infrastructure, etc using all governmental platforms and machineries available. At this particular time of reflection, something different stroke my heart and it came with a question:
Who do you think placed Nigeria there in the map?
Of course, this question requires a spiritual/supernatural response if it will garner any form of reasonabilty.
First we need to understand that a divine hand formed all things and binds everything together. Scientist may tell God does not exist but its obvious that research and discoveries are based on pre-existence. One of my favourite professor once told me that they only 'rediscover the wheels of God's creation' Nigeria is made by God. This particular understanding must stick to our subconscious mind. The 'prior to' issue becomes clear, a lack of comprehension of this basic fact is what makes a people go their way or draw their own course in destiny.
As we continue to seek the ultimate solution to our collective national problem, even myself who has decided to take a vanguard role in the re-enactment of a better order for our dear country, there must be crystal clarity to the fact that nothing good can come outside of God. This was the bone of contention when I facebooked this statement sometime ago:
The ultimate solution to the Nigerian problem, if isolated from our spiritual, transcendent systems, will be tantamount to a wantonly futile effort and the promulgation and propagation of an alternative try-on that takes us even further down the doldrums.

These three steps outlined in 2Chronicles 7:14 should be our starting point:
1. HUMILITY: Humble ourselves before God;
2. PRAYERS: Pray and seek God's face; and,
3. REPENTANCE: Turn from our wicked ways.
God Himself told us what He was going to do: He will hear us from heaven (when we humble ourselves), forgive our sins(when we pray) and heal our land (when we turn from our wicked ways). Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to it (Proverbs 14:34)

Seun Oyeniran.

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