Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nigeria: On The Road to 50 #6

#6. The Indispensability of Good Leadership. We must uphold exceptional and qualitative leadership as we seek to earnestly cover for the failures that emanated from the large leadership deficit we have witnessed in recent times. This leadership deficit transcends from generation to generation and has been the root cause of our national malaise.
With our 50th anniversary getting closer, some basic recipe are essential that our national leadership should exhibit; key fundamental principles that are tantamount to good leadership. Both present and future leaders must become chief moral agents. They are expected to conduct themselves in integrity and dignity. Holding public office is for service and not to be served. There must be an honest bid to bridge the gap between the governors and the governed. There must be the creation of a national identity. The cry of the ordinary people must be heard and their voice should be the driving force for our national progress. We need leadership that has the nerve and foresight to undertake large and ambitious shemes capable of altering the course of our history for the better.
Our country has suffered alot from bad leadership. Time is right for the leadership to make an impression to eradicate their long standing record of failures.
This will happen first by striving to attain vision realization through tapping into the benefit of globalisation where all kinds of friends, partners and alliances can be formed to bring about great national achievements.
Furthermore, investors are willing to invest in Nigeria; the government should work together with these investors to provide collaborative innovative funding mechanisms while being honest and sincere in laying out ground rules Vis-a-vis creating phenomenal climate of incentives that allow the private sector go to work.
I believe we can change the course of our history, time is right. God is with us.

Seun Oyeniran

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