Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nigeria: On The Road To 50 #2

#2 Achieving the human development objectives. There are index factors by which the quality of human life can be measured as indicated by the human development index (HDI)* or the global competitive index (GCI) put together by the UNDP. These index factors include life expectancy from birth, adult literacy rate, combined gross enrolment ratio in education, mortality rate, acess to good health facilities and basic amenities, and GDP per capita. Considering any of these factors, its obvious that the quality of life of the average Nigerian is abysmal.
As we progress towards our 50th anniversary as a nation, the government and constituted authorities must make concerted effort to stir the ship of the country towards attaining overall economic growth and development by critically aligning their strategy and/or agenda to meet the yearning needs of the people.

Seun Oyeniran.

*Human Development Report 2009 Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development;
Millennium Development Goal 8 Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals United Nations New York, 2008 MDG Gap Task Force Report 2008

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