Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nigeria: On The Road To 50 #1

#1. The Y-Index* proposition lays major emphacy on the involvement of the youth in the policy framework of the Nigerian economy. This emphacy is predicated upon the fact that Nigeria's population of about 152million people is about the largest in Africa and containing the highest amount of youth in the region. And the onus stems from the logically true proposition that youths are stronger physically and psychologically and are thus fit to handle greater and mentally demanding responsibilities than their older counterparts.
As we march towards our 50th year of independence and faced with several challenges including nurturing the vision 20/2020, we must appreciate our demorgraphic dividends. On top of that, key stakeholders and policy makers should appreciate the the Y-index factor and make it a springboard upon which key decisions can be made to emancipate Nigeria from all anticipated economic lethargy.
The youths must be recognised and absorbed wholly in order to enact the changes that we expect to see in the new Nigeria.

Seun Oyeniran.

*Y-Index Theory was coined by Seun Oyeniran. It emphasizes the criticality of youth involvements in economic activities and based it upon an index factor that can be measured in weighted averages.

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