Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It’s already too late for A New Year’s Resolution…Sorry Goal

I know it’s about the time that everyone is beginning to put together some form of plan for the New Year or as some will call it a new year’s resolution. Let me start by saying that if you call it a resolution there is very high tendency that it will not go past January. So why not try calling in a goal. And once you get the goal don’t just think of it, write it down. Because it is a goal, it is easier for you to target it. So back to the initial point, your goals and missions are not just set some few days to the end of the year or even throughout December. New Year’s goals should be a continuous plan that we fine tune as we make progress all through the previous year. However, if you are yet to set a goal, finish reading this article, sit down for a moment and reflect on where you and prayerfully receive a direction for your life.

Set a big goal and then go ahead to create smaller targets to it which can be measured on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, my goals for 2015 have already been set since we entered into the last quarter of 2014. And that was about the time that I started reviewing and accessing my 2014 goals and ensuring that I identified why I couldn’t fulfil the once I didn’t fulfil. What are your goals for the New Year (the big picture)? What are your smaller daily targets (the baby steps)?. The big ones may look daunting and only end up in wishes but as you break them down into small accomplishable piece, you not only give yourself the room to access your progress and make quick changes where necessary, you create the opportunity to sustain motivation and enthusiasm.

Don’t beat yourself down no matter how terrible the previous year went by. Develop the extra motivation to start afresh. Don’t wait for one whole year resolution. Set daily targets. Make every day worth it. Maximize the grace and power of each day. Ignite the fire every single day. And every day ends up in 24hrs. So every hour counts.
Research on motivation identified three things that need to be present to sustain your fire over time: autonomy (let God help you take control of your decisions, rather than just letting any “tom dick and harry” dictate it); competence (which comes through consistency; you have some success the more you do it); relatedness (you share the experience with others Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat your goal so that you can feel accountable). The best resolutions (sorry goals) are also ones that you can share with other people. Recruit a couple of friends to join you (live or digitally). Report your progress, and let them hold you accountable (or better still hold each other accountable), high-five successes, and hold regular meetings to discuss ups and downs. Don’t forget that I am always here to celebrate with you and to encourage you to keep moving forward. Feel free to follow me on twitter: @seunoyeniran and on Facebook.

I really admire, appreciate and celebrate all the great ideas that have budded forth in 2014 (#TheMindOfChrist, Prospect Consult, Maximize Expressions, Angel Music Academy, etc.) and all the ones finding expressions (I can see them in my spirit *winks*). Please keep tagging me in those posts e da kun joor! (lol) Trust me, I read all of them. Although they may look small, my Facebook likes and tweeter retweets of you posts and comments are my sign of commitment to you. Please take them as a thumbs up and a sign that you are being patted on the back for a job well done. Those of you who have taken the little training and experiences I shared with you and have fanned it to flame (photography, writing, academics, video, arts and crafts and creative abilities of all sorts…ah prayer and teaching of God’s word too!), I am trusting that 2015 hold even greater things in store for us. So let’s get 2015 running as the kingdom of God is awaiting our manifestation.

There are so many scripture that back this writing up but let me summarize it like this: Jesus was from heaven and saw the world (right from the beginning), He decided to come to fulfil a script. Trinity designed the plan and followed through. Key into that understanding and get yourself going. I am waiting to celebrate your success.

Below is a collection of pictures that I found on the internet that I feel to share...credits to google:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

We are Light of The World – So what are we here to do?

A transcript of my telephone conversation with IT returnee/Final Year Students of RCF LAUTECH 8/9/2014 2:58pm Eastern Time

YouAreTheLightOfTheWorldI appreciate you all for giving me the opportunity to speak with you. There is so much to share with you that time will not be enough especially knowing that it is almost 5years since I was your coordinator when you moved into your first year in the university. Today being the occasion of your returning from Industrial Training (IT) back into campus and the official beginning of your final year of your undergraduate experience on campus, there is a number of things I wish to share with you.

I am sure many of you know that you are “The Light of the world” generation. We started on this theme since 2008/2009 and I am grateful to God that through the power of His Word, many of you have made the ultimate decision to become children of Light. As much as I will like to go over all that we discussed in time past because I still have all the notes I taught you from with me here including the Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs we did those good old days, I am only going to hinge my conversation with you today on what has already been discussed years ago. First and foremost let me remind you that “The Light of the World” is a profound statement and it’s deep. Jesus first called himself Light:

(John 8:12 KJV) Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

(John 9:5 KJV) As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

And when He further said:

(Matthew 5:14 KJV) Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

We know He was referring to us becoming like Him. This is how John put it:

(John 1: 3-5 MSG) Everything was created through him;
    nothing—not one thing!—
    came into being without him.
What came into existence was Life,
    and the Life was Light to live by.
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
    the darkness couldn’t put it out.

So we need to appreciate where we are coming from. The Light source is Jesus Christ and as many of that receive Him as our Lord and saviour become Light like Him and we are called to live a blazing Life-Light that overcomes darkness. But there is a more pertinent issue that I want us to discuss today and that is to raise the question: so we are Light then what are we here to do?

Let me draw your attention to something very important that I discovered during my recent research – it is something quite alarming. While Christianity has continued to grow arithmetically, contrary vices: sin, evil and all the likes committed by humanity and those living especially close to where Christianity prevails, have continued to grow geometrically. This is disturbing. I have tons of example but let me give you just one. Global religiosity index points Nigeria as the second most religious country in the world. This is greatly overshadowed by transparency international corruption perception index where Nigeria ranks high as a very corrupt country. This is a stark pair of contrasting qualities. So I want to remind you of why we became light in the first place.

If you recall in Genesis, it was when darkness covered the face of the deep that God established order through by decreeing Light. We know that The Light was and is Jesus and now, ye are The Light. We are called to be Light in the first place because a need arose. There is an urgent cry in the heart of men like it was said in scripture:

(Matthew 4:16 KJV) The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.

We see corruption and all the evil in our day and we keep asking the question where do we find the incorruptibles? Is there still hope? My answer: you are the incorruptibles, you are the hope, you are the Light of the world. The Light is here! You are here!! Darkness must not persist!!!

Let me put these high-sounding spiritual terminologies in perspective as I round up. What we are called to is to reverse the propagation of evil first in our immediate environment – the very present place we are right now – and then allow it spread to the outermost part of the earth. I know as simple as it sounds, it is not easy. It is this same course that I have thrown myself into and I can tell you there is great sacrifices to be made. But we are God instrument of change in this time and season. We must understand this. It is in witnessing. It is in working excellently and handling mundane things with divine touch so much so that men will see our good works and recognise our heavenly Father. It is in taking our academics seriously and coming out in God’s flying radiant colours. It is by not being sloughtful in business but fervent in spirit (Romans 12:11).

My time is up and I still have much to share. I hope to be with you in October so that we can discuss these and more as we gradually move into what God has already began to do in us and through us. As a family, we are praying for you and trusting that from this meeting you will arise and take you place as a city set upon a hill that cannot be hid. Our time is now and more responsibilities fall on us as we run our final lap on campus and especially to those of us that holds various leadership positions. I spoke with Odunbaku Damilola earlier and I’m sure he more than ever before understands His current role as the PDS coordinator. I’m constantly in touch with my son and brother Awotayo Temitope Jacob who happens to be the current President of our great fellowship, please hear him because he not only consults myself and a host of other alumni, he ensures to take his time to seek God’s face before he comes to you. Together we must ensure we hand over a hot spiritual baton to those coming behind us. RCF yi ti gbogbo wa ni!

Thank you for taking time to listen and please feel free to contact me on social media. You will find me on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr, Email and BBM. Let’s keep the fire burning. I love you.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Africans, don't give up on Africa

Although my wife is Canadian because she was born here; her ancestral roots traces back to the West Indies and ultimately Africa. My wife studying history and eventually furthering in Modern Slavery make both of us a team for Africa emancipation. If we're not talking about promoting African values in our Canadian context, we are busy putting the lines together about Africa: the news, reports, economic analysis, the society, environment etc. So when she sent me an email containing a link to the set of pictures below during one of her research, I wasn't at all surprised. The pictures were published on CNN’s Inside Africa website with the caption: “Stunning photos show Africa through African eyes”. The publication was part of the the IBM Research Africa 12 Global Research Lab Project

My wife naturally connected with the stories that followed each picture because of her education and of course the many trips we have made together into Africa and African related attraction around the world. For me, however, I connected with those pictures because I saw myself in them. They told my story.

photo 3 photo 1
The house I was born in Mushin Lagos, Nigeria was just across the railway line like this. Since I was born  up till date, I’ve never seen a single train pass through. My parents never stop telling tales of how busy that railway line used to be. Yet in other places, trains are working. Railway workers strike and others leave the few working ones over crowded like the one seen above.
photo 2 photo 4
We fetched water like this. I remember lifting big buckets on my head on very long distances. And you just have to fill up those big drums stored behind the kitchen doors. Africans are extremely creative. We make something out of nothing. Don’t pity Africa, work with Africa! We have a thriving creative economy, youth bulginess.
photo 3 photo 1
Yet we have hope. The future is not ahead, the future is now. When I was a kid we soil ourselves like this young child, telling ourselves we are eating food as we put this dusts on our chin. We have not lost hope. Its this hand-in-soil that has strengthened our creativity. They say religion has been our bane. But who could I have been if I had not known the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of our faith our communities are built on tenets of respect and love. Its this foundation that allows people like myself to thrive all around the world.
photo 2 photo 4
While many people know this young boy made a pair of “glasses”, only very few people knew what he made it of and what the process of making it require. I know because that boy was just exactly like me! we made those funny looking pair of “glasses” out of table-top calendar spine. Creativity is in our DNA! This is Africa!! This picture passed the strongest message to me. What are we doing to secure the future? Or better still, what am I doing? I see Bill Gates and his earnest effort and I say to myself yes, this is the way to go! We have to secure the health of our future generations.

This is Africa. We are Africans. If we have come this far why go back? Our faith has been strengthened because daily, we face challenges that forces us to exercise them. We have experienced mountain moving faith as we see mountains of poverty and economic hardship sublime. We are hard working and we also believe in honest dealings even though corruption is fast making this assertion an illusion. We have grown because we strengthened our communities by caring for one another in a most unique way. These is Africa, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the house of three different people you met on the street. We take care of our own, we don’t let one another down. This is the Africa I have grown into from the 1980s into the 2000s. All the evil that has happened in recent times must be be reversed. We will not sit and look at them take away our glorious future. We will reverse it. We will fight it with our words across the diaspora.

We are not where we want to be, yet, we are not where we used to be. The road is still very far. We must not allow idiosyncratic people who have crept into our communities deny us of our glorious destination. We must not fail to connect with our core competences, build on our strength and secure future generations. I personally don’t expect a sudden change but one thing I’m sure of is that: myself and many others who share similar vision will not give up. Africa will arise to take its rightful place among committee of nations. It has already begin to happen, the chart below shows Nigeria is the 3rd fastest growing economy in 2014 and hence a major destination for investment (Wealth Professionals Magazine Issue 2.2 pp8,14). By 2050, global economic dynamics would also have shifted in Africa’s favour. Keep in mind that this are assumptions and pre-included are very high risks factors. If we continue to work on reducing these risk factors: ensure political stability, a stable society, we can exceed these growth estimates by very wide margin.



Its time Africa, We must not give up!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who Told you?

I love writing about economics, raising issues through economic data, and it wouldn’t take you too long to notice so many chat and economic discourse on this blog. However for this piece I want to talk about something slightly different (but that will somehow make economic sense in the end ;) This discussion revolves about listening to inner, divine, witnesses as a secrete recipe for making headway in our ventures. As I looked on twitter homepage this morning, I was shocked by reports streaming from Nigeria showing crowds of about 60,000 unemployed young people in search for a national job for 20,000 candidates. The first thing that dropped in my mind is: “can we have a Start-Up Canada-like initiatives bringing the private, public, NGOs and ordinary people together?” I reckon that its not even the lack of initiatives rather a need for us to overhaul our thought pattern and emancipate ourselves. So the ultimate issue is that people need to see themselves as solutions, job creators, in a better estate and then walk up there.


So can I ask you: who told you that you can’t be who you want to be? Who told you that you cannot be happy? Who told you that there is no hope for you? Who told you that you can’t be better on that job you just got? As you will see in Shawn’s video below, everything is about looking within yourself and away from what people say in general. Let me take it a step further from Shawn’s scope. When God was asking Adam and Eve “Who told you…?” in Genesis 3:11 it wasn’t to threaten them it was to bring them to the realization of “who created a false impression in your mind of the perfect estate God has kept you”

(Genesis 3:11 KJV)  And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

We have constantly been tossed around in a world that keeps making us feel inferior. Our sense of self worth drops to its lowest level as we see ourselves not being able to meet the current demand at our workplace, school or whatever venture we are engaging. Its stunning to know that even though Harvard is perhaps the best school in the world, a very large number of their student still feel like they are a failure. People have talked down on us and we have been bamboozled, hoodwinked and brought to our lowest low. Please don’t settle for less. Arise and answer that inner voice and say I can make it. I will make it. This is my time. This is my week. This is my day. Who told you that you are not a bundle of success?!

Watch Shawn Achor and make sure you take the notes that will help you brighten your week


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Celebrate [Positive] Change and Keep Growing

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”― Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing

SNAGHTML557adfI woke up this morning and quiet unusually, asking myself: what can I do better in the coming weeks/months to make me more effective? Am I serving my family, place of work and community effectively as I should? And how am I responding to development challenges and things that seem to challenge my thought patterns? And then the ultimate questions followed: Am I changing (for the better) or am I still clinging to my comfort zone? Am I growing, developing or just adding the number? What do I need to change or respond positively to today?

Such questions will most certainly come from the mind of people who have decided to commit themselves to a worthy course; individuals who are determined to ensure they monitor their progress in life and especially in a new year as they set to achieve their goals in a realistic perspective. But the answers didn’t come straight away. I asked myself another critical question: why do I so resist change sometimes even though I know its for my personal benefit? A follow up question to that is why do we all generally resist change despite realizing that if we continue in our current state we are bound to fail?

According to Anna Dornier, one word explains it all – COMFORT. “People like to live in their comfort zones. Change is uncomfortable – most of the time. You have to make new connections in your brain and you have to use willpower at first before you can make any change permanent or at least long lasting.”

“One thing I’ve learned throughout the years of setting goals and the process of achieving them is that we have to be COMFORTABLY UNCOMFORTABLE. This means always challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, taking our game to the next level, and being comfortable there. This means never being satisfied with good enough. This means always thinking, “What can I do better?” or wondering, “How can I improve?””

People that changed the course of human history radically first started by becoming uncomfortable with the way things were going. Despite the fact that it will be a change that promotes equality for all, William Wilberforce struggled for 20years with his fellow parliamentarians in passing the Act that led to abolition of slave trade. take a few second to imagine life today without telephone or internet [Imagine how long it will take to deliver a letter. People would put a message into a little container on a carrier pigeon's leg. The bird would fly to the person receiving the message. Fast backward to 1870s and early 1990s when although the telephone came with certain initial challenges like hundreds of telephone wires becoming common in large cities, critics who resisted the use of telephone further claimed that the cellphone microwaves could beam through human heads thereby damaging nerves.

Another critical factor in making that critical change for the better is by setting up a right change support system. Many people fail to make lasting changes because they hang out with the wrong people. I once heard that we are the average of 10 people we surround ourselves with.

As much as this is about setting ourselves up for overall effectiveness, its touches briefly on accepting some changes we witness in our lives. For example wrinkles on our face, ears and nose grown larger, hair suddenly begin to recede leading to baldness. As Lao Tzu once said: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow”

I am hoping that like me, some of you reading this will respond positively to changes as they confront us. I personally have to respond having travelled so far from my home country in Nigeria and now settled in Canada, I recognise everyday, the need to constantly appreciate changing cultures, environment, society etc that will ultimately make me a better person overall.

Let me conclude by retorting that its also a spiritual process as God doesn’t want us to conform but that we are constantly changing (Romans 12:2).

So keep trusting, keep believing, keep changing for the better and never give up!