Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nigeria: On The Road To 50 #4

#4. Revamping the erosion of the software of our society. Our social and cultural norms, mores, values, which regulate and nurture our culture, morality, religion, education, healthcare, youth and women development have virtually been annihilated. These institutions are the foundation of nation building and they play a pivotal role in advancing political, social and economic progress.
The existence of Nigeria is legal and it exist as a geographical expression, however, we are not bound by consuming passion of patriotism as seen in other countries except perhaps in the football stadium. We need to rebuild and consolidate our core values and sense of identity. We need to have the foresight that the reconstruction of our social architecture is needed not to the pattern of the “odd westernization” holding sway in Nigerian societies today but as a necessary precondition for our national unity and prosperity built on the archetype societies laid down by our forefathers who had the vision of a better state.

Seun Oyeniran

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