Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It’s already too late for A New Year’s Resolution…Sorry Goal

I know it’s about the time that everyone is beginning to put together some form of plan for the New Year or as some will call it a new year’s resolution. Let me start by saying that if you call it a resolution there is very high tendency that it will not go past January. So why not try calling in a goal. And once you get the goal don’t just think of it, write it down. Because it is a goal, it is easier for you to target it. So back to the initial point, your goals and missions are not just set some few days to the end of the year or even throughout December. New Year’s goals should be a continuous plan that we fine tune as we make progress all through the previous year. However, if you are yet to set a goal, finish reading this article, sit down for a moment and reflect on where you and prayerfully receive a direction for your life.

Set a big goal and then go ahead to create smaller targets to it which can be measured on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, my goals for 2015 have already been set since we entered into the last quarter of 2014. And that was about the time that I started reviewing and accessing my 2014 goals and ensuring that I identified why I couldn’t fulfil the once I didn’t fulfil. What are your goals for the New Year (the big picture)? What are your smaller daily targets (the baby steps)?. The big ones may look daunting and only end up in wishes but as you break them down into small accomplishable piece, you not only give yourself the room to access your progress and make quick changes where necessary, you create the opportunity to sustain motivation and enthusiasm.

Don’t beat yourself down no matter how terrible the previous year went by. Develop the extra motivation to start afresh. Don’t wait for one whole year resolution. Set daily targets. Make every day worth it. Maximize the grace and power of each day. Ignite the fire every single day. And every day ends up in 24hrs. So every hour counts.
Research on motivation identified three things that need to be present to sustain your fire over time: autonomy (let God help you take control of your decisions, rather than just letting any “tom dick and harry” dictate it); competence (which comes through consistency; you have some success the more you do it); relatedness (you share the experience with others Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat your goal so that you can feel accountable). The best resolutions (sorry goals) are also ones that you can share with other people. Recruit a couple of friends to join you (live or digitally). Report your progress, and let them hold you accountable (or better still hold each other accountable), high-five successes, and hold regular meetings to discuss ups and downs. Don’t forget that I am always here to celebrate with you and to encourage you to keep moving forward. Feel free to follow me on twitter: @seunoyeniran and on Facebook.

I really admire, appreciate and celebrate all the great ideas that have budded forth in 2014 (#TheMindOfChrist, Prospect Consult, Maximize Expressions, Angel Music Academy, etc.) and all the ones finding expressions (I can see them in my spirit *winks*). Please keep tagging me in those posts e da kun joor! (lol) Trust me, I read all of them. Although they may look small, my Facebook likes and tweeter retweets of you posts and comments are my sign of commitment to you. Please take them as a thumbs up and a sign that you are being patted on the back for a job well done. Those of you who have taken the little training and experiences I shared with you and have fanned it to flame (photography, writing, academics, video, arts and crafts and creative abilities of all sorts…ah prayer and teaching of God’s word too!), I am trusting that 2015 hold even greater things in store for us. So let’s get 2015 running as the kingdom of God is awaiting our manifestation.

There are so many scripture that back this writing up but let me summarize it like this: Jesus was from heaven and saw the world (right from the beginning), He decided to come to fulfil a script. Trinity designed the plan and followed through. Key into that understanding and get yourself going. I am waiting to celebrate your success.

Below is a collection of pictures that I found on the internet that I feel to share...credits to google: